Magento Intergration

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Magento Intergration

Postby worsley » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:11 pm

We have integrated Magento with Linnlive but are having 2 errors.

1, When you click "Information" from the settings screen we get the error "Cannot Load from the URL: /index.php/api/v2_soap/index/" Error message: reference to undeclared entity "times" line 168 position 96" (full URL removed to protect the site in question)
2, A variation item has been created on the backend - however the sub products are not associated
3, on the same product as above up-dating causes error "Product update was not successful. Sku: WONDERBRA_SEXY_SHAPING_HIGH_WA.5722. Product id: 5394. Error: configurable_creating_error"

Anyone any ideas?
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Re: Magento Intergration

Postby gfxpixeldesigns » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:52 pm

Having the same error integrating a clients new magento store and cannot get to the bottom of it. I have integrated dozens of magento sites with linnworks and never experienced this error before.

A few issues i have noticed:

Firstly i was unable to integrate magento using the desktop version of Linnworks, magento has completely vanished from the list of options. Fortunately i was able to add it using the web version of linnworks.
Secondly the test button reports everything as okay "tested successfully" but the test extension button for testing linnlive gives a "html element not defined error".
Thirdly in Linnlive clicking the "information" button under settings > config just as the OP i am getting the error "cannot load from the url /index.php/api/v2_soap/index/ error message: reference to undeclared entity 'times'. Line 121, position 96."
If i enable the WSDL cache i am unable to list anything to Linnlive using magento and get the error "missing paramater linnlivegetstorecoderequestparam".
If i disable WSDL cache i can list using linnlive although i'm not sure if its fully functional at this stage.

It should be noted that all my prevision magento linnworks/linnlive intergrations are on the same server with identical settings/magento versions and are working fine. I can even click the information buttons without any issues. So it appears what ever the issue is only affecting new integrations.

Did you ever figure anything out regarding the error mentioned OP or perhaps magento support can suggest a fix?
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