£20 - £30 Per Month Package

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£20 - £30 Per Month Package

Postby preorders » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:44 am

I would like to see a package prices around £20 - £30 a month with some basic support, with

200 SKUS

basically i think the express option should offer an optional payment plan, to those that wish to get a little extra support but cannot justify the full £80 + Vat fee per month.

I have been struggling to get my express account working, despite having used linnworks for over 6 years, due to requiring very basic support, in regards to now recieving back in relation to oba integration and the recent amazon database bug, which no one replied to my post on the forum and has now self fixed itself.

I am now seriously considering moving to 1stoporders as i seem to be stuck here, i have always been a paid member but this year discounts have been removed and i handle only 40 SKUS and use only basic features.
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